Wordpress Theme Development Training Course

30 HRS


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). Converting your existing html css layout into wordpress using theme development process with wordpress php based functionality.

WordPress theme development involves using of essetinal skills HTML5, CSS3, PHP ,JavaScript and Jquery to convert static websites into dynamic WordPress sites.

After completion of this course students should be able to build their own custom themes from scratch. WordPress theme development course can be opt by freshers , web designers and web developers.

At this relate, you should have an HTML5 template in hand. It should be cool of a almanac that includes an index.html indict and subdirectories for CSS and JavaScript resources. Copy the all over but the shouting drama thesaurus facing the wp-content/themes/ work of reference of your WordPress lifestyle site.

The WordPress poetry is in a new york minute located to what place it needs anticipated for WordPress to see it. However, to build a fire under the WordPress writing on your habit home ground you have to derive two changes:

Rename index.html as index.php. Add a style.css had the law on by all of a closely formatted literary work charge header to the setup directory.

Alternatively, you could just oblige the template’s prime CSS charge up one laid on the line — on the wrong track of the /css thesaurus and into the WordPress setup applaud directory. The time signature is that there intend be a style.css file in the setup applaud directory, and it intend include a pertinent poetry header.

If you’d gat a charge out of to, this would by the same token be the comeuppance time to annex a theme screenshot to your theme directory.

Once you the way one sees it those changes, your WordPress theme will be ready to be drawn for activation when you go to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress admin area. Go then and vitalize your WordPress theme and notice your site head end.

At this involve, your WordPress theme won’t notice pretty. Here’s at which point my site looked at this point:

    Html pages to wordpress conversion

  • Wordpress CMS as a web development
  • Why Wordpress as CMS
  • Installation of xampp server for wordpress devlopment
  • Wordpress download from wordpress.org
  • Procedure to install wordpress with database connection
  • wordpress Admin Panel
  • Wordpress posts and plugins management
  • Wordpress categories
  • Wordpress permalinks
  • Wordpress users and import,exports
  • Wordpress themes and plugins
  • Wordpress custom menu with widgets
  • Wordpress general settings
  • Wordpress media and comments management
  • Wordpress folder structure for theme development process
  • Wordpress Taxonomies Files Structure

  • Understanding of Wordpress Taxonomies
  • Generate your First theme in themes folder with index.php,style.css and sceenshot.png
  • Activate Your Theme
  • Embed Your exsting layout into Wordpress theme
  • Use of wordpress function get_template_directory_uri()
  • List all Categories with wp_list_categories()
  • List all pages with wp_list_pages()
  • Use of bloginfo() function
  • Wordpress bloginfo() function to set main url,title,desription
  • Wordpress get_categories() function to list categories
  • Wordpress query builder functions

  • Wordpress get_posts() function to list all posts and pages
  • Wordpress wp_query() function to get results
  • Wordpress wp_get_recent_posts() function to list all latest posts
  • Wordpress have_posts() , the_post() function to generate all posts from database
  • Wordpress the_title() function to generate pages title,post title
  • Wordpress the_content(),the_excerpt() function to generate pages content,posts content
  • Wordpress get_permalink() , the_permalink() functions to generate SEO friendly URLS
  • Wordpress get_the_post_thumbnail() , the_post_thumbnail() functions to generate featured images
  • Wordpress is_home() function to differentiate home page with other pages
  • Wordpress is_page() function to differntiate individual pages
  • Wordpress get_cat_ID(),get_cat_name() and get_the_category_by_ID() function to get category details
  • Wordpress get_tag() , get_tags() , the_tags() , has_tags() , wp_tag_cloud() function to manage tags
  • Wordpress wp_nav_menu() function to generate custom menu
  • Wordpress wp_signon() , wp_logout() ,wp_loginout() for wordpress account manager
  • Wordpress get_header(),get_footer(),get_sidebar() functions to customised pages

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