Advance Javascript Training Course

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Javascript in Depth

Javascript is client side scripting language.

JavaScript was initially created to “make webpages alive”. The programs in this language are called scripts. They can be written right in the HTML and execute automatically as the page loads. Scripts are provided and executed as a plain text. They don’t need a special preparation or a compilation to run.

The late JavaScript is a “safe” programming language. It does not laid at one feet low-level beg borrow or steal to hallucination or CPU, for it was from the ground up created for browsers which do not move it.

The capabilities profoundly depend on the environment that runs JavaScript. For instance, Node.JS supports functions that had the means for JavaScript to read/write quirky files, dig network requests etc.

  • JS with OOPS
  • JS OOPS Patterns
  • factory pattern
  • constructor pattern
  • prototype pattern
  • dynamic prototype pattern
  • javascript closure
  • javascript promise
  • javascript callback function
  • javascript call , apply and bind
  • javascript prototype inheritance
  • javascript method chaining
  • javascript web workers
  • javascript immediate invoke function
  • javascript currying methods
  • javascript arrow functions
  • javascript spread operator & rest parameter
  • javascript generators
  • javascript iterators
  • javascript event bubbling & capturing
  • javascript tagged template string in es6
  • javascript recursion
  • javascript hoisting & function scope issue with var keyword
  • javascript constructor
  • javascript static method
  • javascript extends class
  • javascript mixins
  • javascript prototype chain
  • javascript assign() method

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