MySQL Database Training Course

30 HRS

MySQL open source database

MySQL is one of the best open source based database. MySQL follows RDBMS Concept. MySQL Training course is designed to understand all mysql queries with , mysql inbuilt function , mysql joins and some advance concept

The elect of MySQL is the aggregation of My and SQL, MySQL.

MySQL is a database management program that allows you to perform relational databases. It is unmask source software supported by Oracle. It method you can manage MySQL without paying a dime. Also, if you desire, you can culmination its source sense of duty to owe it to your needs.

Even notwithstanding MySQL is bring to light source software, you can bought for a song a commercial authorize version from Oracle to win a premium sponsor services.

MySQL is quite easy to get in device with distinctive database software appreciate Oracle Database, or Microsoft SQL Server.

  • History of MySQL
  • Basic MySQL
  • Why and Scope of MySQL
  • MySQL as Open source Technology
  • MySQL for Web Based Application
  • MySQL Database Engines (INNODB , MyISAM etc.. )
  • MySQL Data Types (INT , Varchar , Date , timestamp etc..)
  • MySQL Create Database Query
  • MySQL List Database Query
  • MySQL Create Table
  • MySQL List Tables in database Query
  • MySQL Show Table Fields
  • MySQL er query
  • MySQL Primary Key Constraint
  • MySQL Unique Key Constraint
  • MySQL Full Text Key Constraint
  • MySQL Foreign Key Constraint
  • MySQL Where clause
  • MySQL Alias
  • MySQL Where clause with AND Logic
  • MySQL Where clause with OR Logic
  • MySQL Where clause with AND & OR Logic
  • MySQL Like Query with wild card character
  • MySQL Between Query with Example
  • MySQL Order By Query with Example
  • MySQL Group By Query with Example
  • MySQL Having Clause
  • MySQL Sub Query Example
  • Import and Export through Command line
  • Import and Export through PHPMYADMIN Tool
  • MySQL Functions - AVG()
  • MySQL Functions - MIN()
  • MySQL Functions - MAX()
  • MySQL Functions - COUNT()
  • MySQL Functions - SUM()
  • MySQL Functions - ROUND()
  • MySQL Functions - CONCAT()
  • MySQL Functions - LCASE()
  • MySQL Functions - UCASE()
  • MySQL Functions - repeat()
  • MySQL Functions - substr()
  • MySQL Functions - strpos()
  • MySQL Functions - sqrt()
  • MySQL Functions - power()
  • MySQL Functions - abs()
  • MySQL Functions - concat_ws()
  • MySQL Functions - concat()
  • MySQL Functions - curdate()
  • MySQL Functions - curtime()
  • MySQL Functions - datediff()
  • MySQL Functions - hour()
  • MySQL Functions - second()
  • MySQL Functions - day()
  • MySQL Functions - month()
  • MySQL Functions - now()
  • MySQL inner Join
  • MySQL Left Join
  • MySQL Right Join
  • MySQL Natural Join
  • MySQL Roll back and Commit
  • MySQL Union
  • MySQL Query Optimization Concept
  • MySQL Views
  • MySQL Stored Procedures
  • MySQL Triggers
  • MySQL Functions
  • MySQL Clustering
  • MySQL Indexing
  • MySQL Database Normalisation concept

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