Drupal content management Training Course

50 HRS

Drupal admin panel with theming course

Drupal is content management based application.

Drupal is content management software which is based on php open source language. Its used to generate websites and web based application which we use on daily basis. Drupal is with lots of features, like content management, reliable performance, and excellent security. drupal is modular.

Drupal is a off the top of head carefree management course of action written in the PHP programming language. A blithe management route (CMS) is a personal digital assistant application that allows publishing, editing, modifying, organizing, deleting, and maintaining living the life of riley from a innermost interface. Other types continue WordPress, Alfresco, and Apache Roller.

Drupal is the practically scalable and customizable CMS mistaken there. It is free, and comes equipped mutually a crowd of developers invariably creating dressy modules that gave a pink slip be reproduced to take turn for better functionality. It is besides an rapid method for SEO. For lesson, the newest show the lay of the land, Drupal 8, put up this flop and included beautiful features a well known as multilingual capabilities and gone straight e-commerce. There are also during 15,000 modules available.

Drupal makes it like stealing candy from a baby to entwine a website from wipe out based thereupon you need. It’s limitless. The exceptional part is that the Drupal society is consistently evolving to ratiocinate more modules to bolster it be as dynamic as possible.

  • Introduction of CMS system
  • Introduction to Drupal
  • Drupal installation and configuration
  • Install Drupal website
  • Handling Administration menu and managing in drupal
  • Site information
  • Drupal Security and permissions
  • Users creation and mangement in Drupal
  • Nodes basic and mangement in drupal
  • Node Revisions
  • Content types
  • CCK module with depth description
  • Blocks
  • Modules - core vs contributed
  • Themes
  • Site Configuration
  • Status Report
  • Cron
  • Performance
  • Caching
  • Caching
  • Nodes in depth
  • Articles and pages
  • Content types
  • Creating different node types
  • Creating new content types with CCK
  • Create Content types
  • SimpleViews
  • Views interface
  • Adding fields to a view
  • Sort, Filter, and Field options in Views
  • View displays as pages, blocks, and RSS feeds
  • Control a views appearance through CSS
  • Importing, exporting, and cloning views
  • Applying templates to views
  • Create view and apply templates
  • Creating/editing blocks
  • Creating block views
  • Moving blocks to regions
  • Create block, regions and assign to regions
  • Multilevel menus
  • Custom menus
  • Create sample menus
  • Creating thems from scratch
  • Adding Regions
  • Modifying existing css
  • Create theme of your choice
  • Installing modules
  • Configuring modules
  • Creating modules
  • Hook system
  • Create one simple module
  • Creating panels
  • Applying styles to panels
  • Create panels and pages embed into themes
  • Performance tricks.
  • Drupal theme collection
  • Drupal Modules collection
  • Deploying Drupal Website to public server
  • Final review and project on drupal php based cms

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