NodeJS , MySQL Workshop Training Course

8 HRS ( Approx 2 Days)

NodeJS , MongoDB , MySQL

Node js is server side javascript . it is based on single thread process . It Performs asychronous process.

  • Node Js Installation on Linux and Windows
  • Node Js With Npm
  • Node Js & Npm version
  • Node Js First code Hello world
  • require() in Node JS
  • npm init to start project
  • express framework installation
  • mysql middleware installation
  • ejs or pug template engine installation
  • body-parser middleware installation
  • Node js render() method to show Views
  • set() method in express to set template engine
  • use() method in express to access body parser
  • Node js first route with get() method in express
  • Node js first view pug file
  • Generate bootstrap form to Store Data in Mysql Database
  • Node JS post data from form to route using req.body()
  • Node JS with mysql connector to connect mysql database
  • mysql createConnection() method to retrive an object
  • mysql query() method to insert data from node to mysql
  • node js with mysql to show data from database
  • use of each loop in pug template to iterate data from database
  • Deletion of data from mysql by passing id through URL
  • req.params property to retrive url data
  • run delete query through node
  • node js redirect() method to route url
  • editing data from user definded form and update it