Angular4 JS Training Course

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Angular4 JS Training with fundamentals

Angular4 JS is javascript based one of the most popular framework. It is developed under the roof of google Inc. Most of the developers and organisations are using angular4 js and its new version in rich format.

Angular4 JS extends HTML by providing directives that annex functionality to your markup and had the rule of thumb for you to move in and out powerful forceful templates. You can besides create your keep directives, crafting reusable components that glut your needs and abstracting away bodily the DOM beating logic.

It further implements two-way data all locked up, connecting your HTML (views) to your JavaScript objects (models) seamlessly. In duck soup terms, this means that barring no one inform on your exemplar will be eagerly reflected in your look without the wish for any DOM back rub or athletic championship handling (e.g., by the whole of jQuery).

    Angular JS 4 important topics

    • Angular 4 initial setup
    • Angular 4 Cli Introduction
    • Installation of Node js
    • Introduction to npm
    • Difference between angular js and Angular 2 , Angular 4 , Angular 5
    • list of ng command
    • setting up a project with ng command
    • updation of angular 4 with mismatch of angular cli
    • creation of first app with ng new command
    • installation of node module if require
    • project folder structure explaination
    • introduction to package.json
    • about main.ts , index.html
    • Initial bootstraping of module i.e app.module.ts
    • initialization of directive
    • Edition of the first App
    • Introduction to typescript & protactor
    • about jasmin & karma for unit testing module
    • Angular 4 Module and Component

    • About Angular module and importance of module
    • How angular app will get loaded and started
    • about angular component and how it is connected to module
    • creating first component using ng command
    • explaination of root component
    • difference between root component and other component
    • angular component with template file (i.e. HTML File)
    • angular component with presentation file (i.e. CSS File)
    • angular component with controller file (i.e. typescript File)
    • Understanding of Role of AppModule and Component ,Decoration
    • Creation of component with sub component
    • Working with component template & Styles
    • Understanding of component selector , how to implement
    • selector in template
    • implementation component for real world example
    • Angular 4 data , property and event binding

    • What is data binding in Angular 4
    • Angular 4 with string interpolation to output text in template
    • Angular 4 property binding
    • Angular 4 property binding vs string interpolation
    • Angular 4 Event binding
    • Bindable properties and events
    • Event binding to pass data between template and typescript
    • two way binding using ngModel
    • FormModule require to apply two way binding
    • Combining all binding With Form
    • Understanding of directive in Angular 4
    • Angular 4 Directives

    • ngIf directive to show data on template with condition
    • ngIf and Else directive to show data on template with condition
    • ngIf and Else directive with ng-template directive
    • ngFor Diretive show or iterate array and objects from typescript file
    • ngFor Diretive with first index , last index , odd indexing , even indexing
    • styling elements dynamically with the help of ngStyle directive
    • applying ngClass dynamically to the template
    • Angular 4 Debugging

    • understanding angular error message
    • Debugging Code in the Browser Using Sourcemaps
    • Debugging Code in the Browser Using Sourcemaps
    • Angular 4 custom service and Dependency Injection
    • Service Module Introduction

    • Need of Service in Angular 4 to avoid duplication of data in components
    • Creating service using ng command
    • Importing service in app.module.ts and registering as a provider
    • Injecting service into components
    • Implemenatation of service in project with components
    • Angular 4 pipes

    • Introduction and why pipes are useful in Angular 4 Using pipes
    • pipes with parameter
    • chaining multiple pipes
    • creating custom pipe
    • creating filter pipe
    • understanding of async pipe
    • Angular 4 Http Request

    • Angular 4 with Http Module to get and send data on server side
    • Angular 4 Http Module work in Single page Application
    • Importing Http and Response Modules in app.module.ts
    • Registerting Http and Request Object in Import Section
    • Injecting Response and Http Module in Component class as an injector
    • Getting Data from Server side technology using get() method
    • Sending Data to Server side technology using post() method
    • Sending headers to send data
    • Registering headers and importing in components and modules
    • Transform Responses Easily with Observable Operators
    • Catching Http Errors
    • Using the "async" Pipe with Http Requests
    • Angular 4 Routing

    • Module Introduction and need of routing in single page application
    • Setting up and loading routes in app.module.ts
    • importing routes and registering in module
    • navigating links and setting all routes in module file
    • applying routing links in template
    • understanding navigation path
    • use of routerLink instead of href to route multiple pages
    • use of ActiveRouter link to identify current active page
    • Passing parameters using angular routes
    • Fetching route parameter to component typescript file using ActivaeRoute module
    • passing query parameters and fragements
    • Retrieving query parameters and fragements
    • router-outlet directive to show route pages components
    • Angular 4 Observable

    • Module introduction and built in angular observable
    • building first simple Observable
    • building first simple Observable from scratch
    • Unsubscribe
    • Using Subject to pass and listen to data
    • Understanding of observable parameter
    • Note: All Functionalities will be used in Project.

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