PHP and MYSQL free classroom Training Course

15 HRS


php and mysql its a technology to build websites with dynamic content. you can use php framework like code igniter , zend , laravel framework to build your application in quick time

php is one of easiest technical language to build dynamic websites using mysql database. Mysql is one of the best open source database. Along with php its always advisable to use php based framework. Code igniter framework , Laravel Framework , Zend framework these frameworks are most used framework in organization.

PHP can be used to build quick website using PHP based CMS i.e content management system. In php there are 3 major CMS i.e. Wordpress , Joomla and drupal CMS. Its always better to use these cms instead of generating website in html,css from scratch.

  • xampp installation for php,mysql and apache
  • xampp installation for php,mysql and apache
  • need of php and mysql for web development
  • Your first hello world program
  • php variable
  • php echo keyword for printing
  • php print keyword for printing
  • php numeric array
  • php associative array
  • php mixed array
  • php print_r functtion for printing
  • php string
  • php difference between quotes
  • php associative array
  • php foreach loop
  • php explode function
  • php implode function
  • php if else control structure
  • php nested if else control structure
  • php for loop
  • php while loop
  • phpmyadmin for mysql database and table creation
  • mysql database creation query
  • mysql table creation query
  • mysql insert query
  • mysql update query
  • mysql select query
  • mysql update query
  • mysql table drop query
  • mysql database drop query
  • php mysql connection parameters hostname,username,passwod and database
  • php mysql connection using mysqli_connect
  • php mysql query processor using mysqli_query
  • php mysql query error processor using mysqli_error
  • php mysql crud operation
  • php mysqli insert using insert query
  • php mysqli delete using delete query
  • php mysqli update using update query
  • php mysqli select using select query

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