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Python in Depth

what is python language ?

Python is a widely used high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language.

Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability, and its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code than possible in languages such as C++ or Java.

The language provides constructs intended to enable clear programs on both a small and large scale.

Python supports multiple programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming or procedural styles. It features a dynamic type system and automatic memory management and has a large and comprehensive standard library.

Why to use Python?

There are several reasons why Python could be a good choice for your next programming project, whether it's your first attempt at coding or if you're a seasoned developer looking for a new frontier.

Is Python open source?

The Python language itself is managed by the Python Software Foundation, who offer a reference implementation of Python, called, CPython, under an open source license. You can even download the Python source code,

    Python Installation and Fundamentals

  • Python Hello World First Code
  • Python printing using print() method
  • Python new line printing using \n
  • Python Single Line & Multi Line Comments
  • Python Mathematical Operation
  • Python String and string Related Methods

  • Python String Manipulation , Concatenation, change Case
  • Python String Methods , isalpha , isdigit , istitle , isalnum , isupper , islower
  • Python String Methods in depth , split() & find() method
  • Python printing format
  • Python String Join and String Format
  • Python Loops and Control Structure

  • Python if and else
  • Python nested if and else
  • Python while loop with example
  • Python while loop with nested if else example
  • Python continue keyword with while loop
  • Python break keyword with while loop
  • Python for loop example using list
  • Python for loop example using break keyword
  • Python for loop example using continue keyword
  • Python Function with parameters

  • Define function in python
  • Python function with arguments
  • Python function with return keyword
  • Python passing packed parameters to function
  • Python fibonacci series example
  • Python fibonacci series example with recursive function
  • Python Data Structure with list , dictionary , set , tuple

  • Python list data structure with example
  • Python list with indexing , printing , string and infinite loop
  • Python changing content of list
  • Python concatenating list with other list
  • Python repition list example
  • Python list example with in keyword
  • Python bubble sort example
  • Python dictionary data structure example
  • Python dictionary data structure with key and value
  • common relation between tuple and list in python
  • Difference between tuple and list in python
  • Difference between dictionary and list in python
  • python set data structure
  • python set operations subset superset
  • python set union and set intersection
  • python compute set differnce
  • python generate set using other data structure like list
  • Python Import with different library

  • import keyword in python
  • import math library in python
  • import datetime library in python
  • Introduction of subprocess in python programming
  • Python Inbuilt Operators.Keywords and Functions

  • import lists of keyword and version info in python
  • Python logical operators , relational operators
  • __name__ in python with example
  • Python with ** operator with example
  • Compute log in pyhton
  • What is tuple data structure in python
  • Assignment operator in python
  • how to reverse words of a string using python programming
  • python enumerate function example
  • python inbult resource method example
  • Python comprehension with list , set with examples

  • python list comprehension example
  • python list comprehension with condition
  • python set comprehension example
  • python set comprehension with condition
  • python dictionary comprehension example
  • python dictionary comprehension with condition
  • python permutation with list comprehension
  • python most important lambda function with example
  • python lambda function with multiple parameters
  • python map function
  • difference between map function and list data structure
  • python filter() , reduce() method
  • python global keyword , none keyword , is keyword
  • python in operator , not in operator
  • File Handling in Python

  • File Handling in Python Programming Language
  • File reading and writing in file in python
  • File reading and writing using read mode , write mode
  • Python nested function
  • Python nonlocal keyword
  • Object Oriented in Python

  • Python pass statement
  • Python exception handling
  • Python raw input
  • Object oriented programming in python
  • Python class example
  • Python introduction to abstract data type
  • Python passing parameters to member function
  • Python difference between class variable and instance variable
  • Inheritance in python
  • Use of classes in python
  • Encapsulation in Python
  • How to use pycharm
  • Operator overloading in Python
  • Types of error in Python
  • Python with GUI Using Tkinter

  • Python GUI: Tkinter with First Code
  • Python GUI: Tkinter with controlling layout using frames
  • Python GUI: Tkinter with controlling layout using grid
  • Python GUI: Tkinter with controlling layout using pack and fill
  • Python GUI: Tkinter with binding events
  • Python GUI: Tkinter with Menu items to App
  • Python GUI: Creating GUI Application
  • Python GUI: Creating quiz Application
  • Python GUI: Displaying quiz Result
  • Python use of decorators
  • Python use of closure
  • Python use of clousure

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